Kenwood FP730 Multi Pro Food Processor Reviews

Many positive feedbacks were posted for Kenwood FP730 Multi Pro Food Processor and 96% of its owners were very pleased with this product stating that it is a processor that does well what it is required of it. The powerful motor makes the preparation of vegetables so easy. It is great for liquidizing soups or making smoothies. As a fantastic bit of kit, it gives you a lot of accessories to go with it. It appears that the plastic is very stiff initially and with use it gets easier. The protruding mould by the handle has to be lined up completely and then you are away. It chops well and the end product does not look like it is ripped apart. The nice neat motor unit has sucker feet so it does not vibrate and the motor is not too noisy compared to some other brands. This Kenwood food processor is very easy to use, assemble and clean. On top of this, the cord storage is an added bonus.

Some users posted that Kenwood FP730 is great for all sorts of things from making smoothies and soups in the blender to making sauces, dips and grating or chopping in the processor. The freezer is full of lusciously-liquidised soups. The coleslaw verily overflowed. It’s safe to use and saves on the manual food preparation time. This machine allows you to do most of the tasks so there’s no need for other appliances or tools to do the same jobs. the Kenwood FP730 Food Processor is fantastic, it cuts your work in half plus all the attachments are great.

The only downside that one user found is the amount of bits that come with it. It would help if they at least fitted together for storage but they don’t. The reason why is not because of the processing ability or speed but because the bowls and jugs are made out of some kind of flimsy plastic that crack and break with repeated use. The new processor bowl has warped out of shape so it is very difficult to get the lid on and even harder to get off. The main bowl is bigger than that supplied with many other foods processors. The number of accessories even with the holder takes up much room in a cupboard. The carousel fitting doesn’t accommodate them all and is a bulky thing in itself.

Our research ream considers Kenwood FP730 Multi Pro Food Processor a superior product in its range. Basically, for the money it does all that the more expensive processors do. If you want a processor that’s practical and not bothered about the color, it’s brilliant. It got a high average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and it is well worth and great value for the money.

Philips HR7774 Food Processor Review

We found only a dozen of reviews for Philips HR7774 Food Processor which are mostly positive and most users claimed that this stylish food processor has everything you could ever need from whisking egg whites, chopping vegetables, making soups, milkshakes to kneading dough to make bread. Although there are lots of accessories which will half-fill a cupboard, the machine itself doesn’t take up much worktop space. This food processor makes every day kitchen chores easy and fun. It’s easy to assemble and clean. With the adjustable slicer, you can vary the size of your slices but be warned that it is very sharp and should be handled with care. It leaves a very compact footprint on kitchen work surface.

That large wide bowl has plenty of capacity and easy to clean. The motor seems really powerful and looks like it could cope with pretty much anything. The ice-crusher is quite noisy but it does crush the ice beautifully. Other than the base unit, everything is apparently dishwasher-safe but it’s quite easy to clean most of it by hand. It’s not a looker but seems to be extremely effective at a wider variety of tasks in the kitchen with no real negative feedback and has the advantages of being fairly quiet and easy to use. Also, the big heavy base is an asset in terms of keeping the thing safe and stable when in use. The feeding tube for the bowl is large and made slicing medium-sized potatoes for Gratin Dauphinoise a doddle. There’s also a small book of recipes from Cyril Lignac, some of which look rather tempting.

However, as one user described, despite this food processor being made by Philips, the overall quality of the product seems somewhat cheap. The machine performs well but on the high setting, it’s unstable compared to others. It’s really noisy. It gives away a burning smell and one of the discs became dented very quickly.

Philips HR7774 Food Processor has more positive feedbacks from its online reviewers. If you are not after a showy machine, and the kitchen cupboard space isn’t an issue for you, this machine will serve you well and do you proud. The motor is really powerful and this food processor has lots of attachments that do more than 30 functions to cater all your precooking needs.

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